This year I’ve challenged myself to read fifty books. This is no easy task for a slow reader, especially since so many other things distract me. Through this blog, I’ll share the books I’m reading and keep myself on track. Please feel free to offer suggestions of books you’ve enjoyed!

Book Number 23

Summer People

summer people



Elin Hilderbrand


The setting for this novel is Nantucket where Beth has spent every summer at her family’s rambling cottage on the beach. When her husband, a New York attorney, is killed in a plane crash,  Beth is left with their seventeen-year-old twins, Winnie and Garrett. They retreat to Nantucket to heal over the summer. To fulfill her husband’s wishes, Beth also invites Marcus, another teenager whose case her husband had been defending.

The summer they had intended to be a quiet time to grieve together is filled with pain, conflict, first love, and the uncovering of a secret that could destroy the family.

Hilderbrand evokes the feel of the island and easily placed me there in the cottage with her family. Her characters are well developed and evoke sympathy as we witness the way they each try to cope with their situations.

This book has conflict, poignancy, romance, conflict, and mystery.  I anticipated a sugary, feel-good story, but the outcome for each of the characters was much more realistic.

An easy, interesting read.


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