This year I’ve challenged myself to read fifty books. This is no easy task for a slow reader, especially since so many other things distract me. Through this blog, I’ll share the books I’m reading and keep myself on track. Please feel free to offer suggestions of books you’ve enjoyed!

Book No: 22

Product Details

Know the Mother


Desiree Cooper


Know the Mother by Desiree Cooper is part of the Made in Michigan Writers Series and was chosen by the Detroit Free Press as one of the best Michigan reads for 2017.

This is a collection of short short stories (some could be called flash fiction) which provide reflections on mothers and daughters. Nearly every story deals with loss—some physical, some psychological. Some of the stories end on a hopeful note, many on a note of despair or grieving. Some deal with poverty and racism. All are beautifully constructed.

I found Ms. Cooper’s writing impressive. She provides great detail and emotion with few words. Her characters are real women in real situations who often choose to buck up under their circumstances or move on to face whatever consequences lie before them.

In exploring many aspects of womanhood, as daughter, mother, lover, wife, employee, friend, this small book makes a big impact.



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